Subscription and Advertising Rates

A lot of people are writing me, saying that this page is the only exposure they've had to the magazine. It costs $2-$3 per copy for printing & postage, but if you can not afford this I might still be able to send you a copy. Please email your mailing address at jacktarzine(at)

This page in no way reflects all that is happening at Jack Tar, but hopefully it will in the future! So many pics, poems, stories that I can't fit in the 'zine should be up here. Someday...

Be patient. I'm not yet a webpage wiz nor a desktop publishing guru.

BUT! I did figure out actual pricing for subscriptions and ads:

Subject to change, but as of 11/07:

subscriptions: $20 will put you permanently on the mailing list and you will hear from me if I need more money in the future. Over $50 and you will likely never hear from me again, because by the time you get your $50 worth I better have reliable advertising to pay for all this! If you cannot afford $20 then send what you can and we'll work something out.

$100 for 2-page spread
$50 for 1 page (8.5"x5.5")
$25 for half a page or a classified-style ad.

The content and appearance of the ad has to be agreed upon by both of us. I will gladly design an ad to represent a reputable product/organization.



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