Tu Sense on Provisioning

The vibrant, talented and resourceful sea-cook, Tuvalu, is now part of the Jack Tar team. She is busy creating the ultimate guide for provisioning in ports around North America.

My mission is to create a Mass Adventurer Directory for all Sea Cooks to use and help develop over the years. Currently we are limited to Costco, Vons, Fred Meyer or Fairview simply because we aren’t informed about amazing local markets in a given city. We are spending much more for food within walking distance of the boat instead of finding cab services to barter with, or perhaps they would simply give us a deal given our righteous status as Tall Ship sailors! Because of our misconceptions we spend way too much money on poor quality food because we figure Smart & Final will have the best deals.

Over the next few months I will be creating an initial price comparison sheet for some popular chain stores we frequent, then I intend to research some of the local markets in common ports. For Tall Ships, stretching the budget will be a thing of the past!!!



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