Pirates! What do YOU think?

The other day I heard a senator on NPR say that "Piracy is terrorism."

I completely disagree and think that this is just another leader using the "T" word to create panic amongst Americans. Piracy is vastly different in that these people are after MONEY. They are not willing to sacrifice themselves and not working towards a religious nor political goal. This senator's solution was to send our military ashore and attack "the roots of piracy." More warring on countries we helped screw over in the first place?

I don't know much about how to help the Somali people, but as for stopping pirates worldwide, I say make the shipping companies pay to install gun mounts aboard their vessels. Then hire/and or train a few AB's to man them. Any tool that can efficiently disable the pirates would be fine, though. After the first few attempts, the word will get around that you will likely die before the ransom is collected, and piracy will not be much of an issue.