Killing time in Portland Maine

My boat is currently docked in Portland in between very (insert
sarcasm here) exciting Gulf of Maine shrimp surveys. I always like
to take a walk along Commercial Street and check out the cool shops.
One of particular was a ships chandlery called China Sea. They had
all kinds of old ship paraphrenalia. Outdated charts, quadrants,
blocks, wheels, propellers, lanterns, and even cannonballs from the
Sadly they closed and were replaced several years ago by another
more touristy shop selling pirate t-shirts, refrigerator magnets,
Turks head bracelets, and rubber lobsters! But today on a lark I
walked around and found some real treasures! Three brass bells salvaged
from mothballed ships, a real brass diving helmet, as well as a brass
talking tube that was several feet long! To my delight I also located
a large stack of blocks in moderate shape that just need a bit of
varnish and grease! There were several snatch blocks too. We still
use wooden snatch blocks on my boat. I almost bought a few.
I guess you never know what treasures you will find in port! Or
that not all treasure is found in 3 dollar Dewey's here in Portland!


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  1. China Sea was up on Fore Street, a couple blocks up the hill from Commercial. Though you are correct in that they seem to have vacated the premises. I loved that store, and used to frequent the place when they were in Fells Point, Baltimore some years ago. is their web address.

    Give us a holler next time you're up here in Portland and we will join you for a Shipyard at Dewey's. --MonkeyFist at