I think I'm on the flying dutchman ... cast a-sea, never to see shore again.

it was a dark and stormy ... erm, no ... it was a hot and muggy afternoon. Nearly indistinguishable from other hot and muggy afternoons, were it not for that annoying cellphone sound.
There were only three days on my contract and I would be free to leave. I'd throw away all my dirty tee shirts and holey socks and with lightened load I'd be leaving on a jet-plane, dunno If I'd come back again. Dang, I wanna go.
Jokes had been bouncing off the walls. About how some people won't be allowed home since they haven't been working hard enough. 
And just as the laughter subsided for moment a telephone rang it's annoying cellphone sound.
Shortly after, 'Shackles' the dive superintendent is running through the boat; eyes wide open, his face a harried mask. 
"We're out of here, we're leaving at midnight"  
"We're out of here, we're leaving at midnight"

"Oh great! no water, no food, no fuel .. how do they think that will be happening?"
Within the hour the ship changed from it's lazy backwater existence to being the center of yells and shouts. Men running to and fro, loaded with various bundles of equipment. 
The captain, stacking drinking water. Tenders looking on. Shackles clinging to his coffee.
No repairs will be done this time around and we had to close up all the access holes we had opened just for that purpose. Back to sea, so ballast must be pumped back on board.
Heavy loads require stronger cranes and for that we must shift our ship. Engines on and maneuvers, maneuvers, maneuvers. 
Midnight comes and goes. The cook returns from an emergency foraging trip to the grocery store. Everything and everybody onboard by six am and off we go.

Unbeknownst to us the ships internet connection decided to take a dive just then.  (I suspect Cpt. Perry had enough and pulled the plug)
Two days later we finally get our ship connected again to the world-wide-intertubes. A feat that allows me to let you know about my fate.

With that, and yet another few days to go, 
greetings from the "Ocean Neverwhere."


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