Schooner Thomas E. Lannon vs R/V Gloria Michelle

My boat has been docked in Glouchester at the USCG base for the weekend and have atracted the notice of a few locals.

I had just finished loading stores for our next leg of the Gulf of Maine shrimp survey when a crew member yells that a schooner was about to hit us. I run over to the starboard side and see the bow sprit coming my way! Well it came close but never had the intention of hitting us. It was an atractive 65' schooner up to the rails with self loading cargo (passangers), sails furled, and motor running. The skipper did manage a half fathom fly by in lieu of hitting us. As he did he yelled over "Learn to fish!" I replied to his snarky quip with my own. "Learn to sail and shut off that motor!". He replied with something I could not hear due to the drone of his diesel. Equally snarky as his first comment no doubt! So if anyone knows who this captain is please let me know. I would love to buy him a beer and discuss the finer points of sailing and fishing!


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