I'm pretty excited - last night I met the sailing instructor from S/V J-WORLD, Capt. Eugenie Russell. J-WORLD was sank after her rudder was attacked by a Blue whale over a week ago. Eugenie successfully put her crew in a lifeboat and made all the right moves to get everyone rescued by helicopter within four hours. I know I keep harping on my friends about the importance of a handheld VHF, but my friend Joe B. made it very clear to me last year on how this is the one thing guaranteed to save you if you're still within 40 miles of the coast. The handheld is what saved this crew. Mayday calls failed. SSB calls failed. The epirb worked great but once the heli got within miles of the liferaft, they failed at finding it. Eugenie saw them and directed them via VHF. I try to have one handy on watch at all times and so should you!!! The boat went down in five minutes. Somebody asked her at what point did she know for certain that the boat was lost. She said she looked out of the raft as the windvane disappeared and that's when she knew!

Anyway the other exciting thing is that she's super cute and wants to be in the calendar. Probably for 2011 though. Maybe with her girlfriend in the shot as well...

Check out this link to read the article in Latitude 38, who sponsors the race she was in.

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  1. When and where can we pick up the 2010 calendars? :-)