Mizzen Removal, cockpit to sail locker

To jump start the dream of changing the rig to a cutter, we had to get rid of the mizzen mast and tabernackle (mizzen mast holder). Ben began the transformation on the deck in the summer of 2003 and we have just finished it this summer. This sequence of photos shows the mizzen mast removal, closing up the after cockpit which was separated from the main cockpit by the mast and is no longer necessary, transforming this space into a storage locker (highly necessary), and faring and priming the aft-deck for new paint and non-skid.

(I hate glass work. If I'd realized that owning a glass boat meant learning to work in frozen snot I wouldn't have bought it, but at 21...)

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  1. Apologies about the sequence, this is defiantly not in oder.