Okay so I went sailing back in October in my international 420 and had an amazing time! However, when I was putting the boat away I noticed that my wallet was missing from my back pocket!!! My day rapidly went down hill from there! Apparently, the pockets on the shorts I was wearing are rather shallow and the rails of the boat were able to push the wallet out and into the sea. So, King Neptune became the new owner of my wallet somewhere in Woods Hole Harbor....

Heres where the OPPS comes in. My TWIC and MMD were in the wallet........ Yeah that's right, I did the unthinkable and lost my TWIC and MMD.... BAD SAILOR!!! Well I remembered back to when my friend Janet lost her wallet and the same two precious documents. I asked her how she got hers replaced. The process was not as bad as I thought and it didn't take as long as it took to get the TWIC in the first place! So the following was the guide she wrote up for me that I would like to share with you all, in the unfortunate case you also forget to put your wallet somewhere safer than in your back pocket during a quick small boat sail! (I now keep my TWIC and MMD(passport type now) in a very safe place....)

"Get to your nearest TWIC enrollment center, they will do the replacement there for you. Cost= $60 + 2 weeks wait period

As I remember, you MUST get your TWIC replaced FIRST. When you go in, they are going to give you a copy stating that its getting replaced, make a copy of that, and send it with the application for the replacement for the MMD.'re going to have to print off the application, and fill it out most of the way. there is a box to check for a replacement. YOU MUST INCLUDE A NOTE EXPLAINING THE SITUATION. cost= $45

for the MMD application

Send to:
U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office
Regional Examination Center
(your closest one....)

send check, or money order, or pay by phone....make sure you put your social on the check or money order.
When the REC gets the paperwork, they ship it off to USCG in VA. This took about 2 weeks as well."

-Janet Monteith

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