Request Granted!

Someone asked for last year's calendar photos to be re-published on a 2010 calendar. Now available at

There seems to be a general demand for "more kinky." I might do that... not sure yet. I'm kind of battling with that - not wanting any of these friends to be seen solely as sex objects. That's also why I put the blurbs up - I want everyone to know these are strong, confident and capable women, not just pretty bods and faces! But then, there's the whole desire to actually print my little magazine... and as someone once told me when I said I wasn't into "that" kind of publication: "You mean the kind that makes money?"

So far I've only been able to bring myself to publish the more exhibitionist side of myself and my friend Lia, because I don't mind exploiting myself for my own 'zine, and Lia, well, she just loves being naked.


  1. You do understand that strong, confident and capable women are sexy, don't you?

  2. Bob, I wouldn't dream of doing a calendar like this if I thought otherwise!

  3. Just remember "kinky" is in the eye of the beholder. A woman in coveralls working on a marine diesel engine can be just as alluring as anything else, depending on whose looking at it. I don't think you need to get too "kinky" to attract a wider fan base. Women and ships is what makes your calendar fun. Having received this years calendar, I'd say there are a couple places where I would have accentuated the maritime and naval architecture/machinery/equipment aspect more than the "skin" aspect. Trust me, I went to art school.