Fun read on the Wooden Boat Magazine site

My entertainment for the evening:

These guys are great. Even the anti-tattoo crochety ones - so old fashioned. Sailors have been getting tattoos for hundreds of years, if not thousands!

Yesterday I was asked "How do you think female sailors are underestimated?" And all I could think was "Female sailors are underestimated? I had no idea..." On various boats (tugs, tall ships, tour boats) I have often been told I'm one of the best crewmembers aboard. Many excellent shipmates and also shitty shipmates have been both men and women. The ratio is the same. It's not even an issue of women deserving equal treatment, it's simply how things are. Not to say there aren't misogynists on any boats, but only about as often as you find a man-hating bitch aboard, which is to say, not too often. To judge a sailor's skills, work ethic, or body art differently due to their gender is so outdated it's comical.

I fully understand people having different tastes - maybe you don't like tats at all (why you would even pick up a maritime calendar is beyond me), and most sexy calendars have girls with more makeup or airbrushing. Some of these guys even say they're wearing too much makeup. Every model will vouch for this: I send them emails asking them not to wear much makeup. Most of them wear none. The only exception is if they want to do an old pinup style shot. Anyway, I'm not sure they even read the article nor looked at the entire calendar, but it's an entertaining thread nonetheless.

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  1. Gidday there Kim!
    Well Ive finally come to be one of your "followers" here so thought Id make a comment.
    Personally I thank you for coming over to the WBF and for the comments you made there... AND for the calander!!! I reckon its one of the best around if not THE BEST! no fluff or rubbish just beautiful mature women proud of who they are... Matters not a wit what some people think you are doing a majik job Kim... keep it up! ;o)
    Love to you
    Shane... ala Wild Dingo from the WBF