Getting It Together

We have six crew to do "boat watch." We have Sundays off. We do a seven-day rotation for boat watch. Lately there's been a problem with people sleeping in 20 minutes past the time breakfast is served, though the wake up call is fifteen minutes prior to serving. The new rule is: whoever gets up last, after 8am (main course), has to stand boat watch on Sunday. It started today and NOBODY was later than 8am. Way to go, Captain Miah! I prefer people eating my food while it's still warm.

Three of us feel pretty out of shape, so we're working out together at night. Three people doing squats, pushups and situps in an awkward 40 square feet of space, to the music of Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Eminem (Ass Like That) has got to be a funny sight. I plan to video it some night soon.

I love goat cheese and red bell pepper sandwiches. I love feta and egg on toast. Today I tried serving toast with goat cheese, red bell pepper spread and egg. It wasn't a hit. Luckily there's always bacon, cereal, bagels and smoothies to make up for it. 


  1. Kim, you're making me hungry when you talk goat cheese and peppers. By the way, great job on that calendar!

  2. Everything in this post is awesome.