click on the link to read about boats delivering supplies to Haiti. I'd love to be doing that!

The new engine is sitting on the dock right now, in the back of Bill's truck. It's bright orange, it's fluids are drained, and it's ready to be craned in tomorrow. I think the rebuilt genny may be returning as well. Not sure. Tinker and the engineer are fiddling around with the mounts, new drip pan, etc.

I heard that Kent from the Seaport found a good tree for a new lower foremast, so things are moving along.

We had a rocking galley dance party last Saturday night. Its the only danceable space with good speakers. There's some new footage on my youtube of the crew singing along to Michael Jackson and Meatloaf. After a few hours of dancing we all ate ice cream and watched Around Cape Horn. Too many dark and stormies had me nodding off for much of that. Our final lipsync extravaganza song had 'Swain-o singing Mariner's Revenge and me laying on the freezer, playing the part of the dear departed mum. At the time I remember thinking "This video is going to be so great!!" The next morning we looked at it in all it's ridiculousness. The few semi-salvageable videos were posted, though.

Went provisioning with Tu at Grocery Outlet today, or as my friend Adrian Lipp calls it; "The Gross Me Outlet" which I can agree with, in a way. All the mangoes I bought were rotten. But for the most part you cannot beat their prices on produce, frozen chicken, cereal and olive oil, among other things. I spend at least $200 every time I provision there, and leave with an overflowing cart and car. Luckily the Executive Director of GHHSA owns a chicken farm and sends me at least two dozen lovely farm eggs each week, but this crew are egg maniacs and I go through at least five dozen per week.

Upon the trusted advice of my good friend Mason Marsh, a professional photojournalist AND boat captain, I am going to spend everything I have on the Canon Powershot G11 this week. My year old Canon has an error message and Canon is denying fault, even though thousands of people have found each other online and complained about the same problem. I haven't made hardly anything on the calendars this year, because I marked the price down incredibly, and yet there's opportunity and interest in a much higher quality and volume of printing for 2011, so I'm going to believe in it all and go for it. I have no idea how to fund the calendar printing in the first place - often the biggest issue with doing the 'zine as well - but using CafePress just isn't working for me as far as making money. They take almost all of it.

Three more weeks left on board. Then a week visiting friends in Seattle, then three months at least at my dad's in Eastern Washington. Oh, hey! I hear Jim Rich is coming to join us sometime this week. That will be a treat. He's going to stay awhile and also bring his forge. Crew are holding out on buying spikes.

I will miss the happy crewmembers.

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