I'm beginning to see the light

Today I made roasted potatoes with cheese and eggs for breakfast and croissants with ham and cheese in them. Smoothies were blueberry-banana. We didn't work out last night, so Sara and I are going to join the YMCA tonight. There's a pool and showers, amongst other fun things. The engineer says everyone is happy and clean over there, which makes for a nice escape from the daily grind of a winter maintenance period.

Ugh. The same person who was annoying me managed to forget to turn the freezer back on after running some power tools early yesterday! I think they turned the coffee maker off (it only works well if always left on) too. So, that's frustrating for everyone, seeing as how some folks cannot even function without coffee upon rising. I'm not going to bring it up to this person though because I'm pretty sure it was an accident. Hoping, anyway. I'll just check after the power tools are put away next time.

The new engine goes in next Tuesday. No clear word on stepping the foremast though. I think the Seaport is still looking for a big lower stick. Holy crap thank god all this work is being done - one of the footropes were found to only have two tucks in their splices underneath the servings. How many times... how much weight over the years... lucky lucky!

I'm passing up two awesome opportunities for doing some blogging and photo documentation aboard east coast boats with a mission. One of them is Schooner Liberty, delivering medical supplies to Haiti next week! Wouldn't that be amazing. The captain seemed stoked to have someone who might be interested in documenting the mission and who could also run a watch, but I'm still Cascade Mountains-bound to take care of my dad after he gets his surgery. I'll be there for three months. It's always hard to pass up deliveries, jobs, exciting trips. Boaty friends are often spreading the word about who needs crew, what boats need help, and it's always like "Should I take this long term job? Think of all the things I might miss..."

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