I'm going to blog here for awhile. Hope I don't make enemies or get fired!

In the "small world" of maritime, nobody wants to comment in their blog about little annoyances for fear of pissing off a shipmate. Are there any personally revealing, honest, yet inspiring tall shippy blogs out there? I'm fine with blogging myself but the whole idea of the 'zine was to bring mariners more in touch with one another, not to serve as my own diary. Plus I'm only "out there" about half of each year, but I suppose that's common for a lot of mariners, so maybe a mariner chronicling life ashore is also appropriate.

I'm more profuse than eloquent, but I'll write anyway. This may be a bad time to start considering I recently attempted a life at sea with a man who hates responsibility, even the emotionally responsibility that comes with having a girlfriend, but chalks it up to him being more like the old singlehanding salts of yore (though he has yet to singlehand offshore). Additionally, I'm on a boat that I love, but it rains every day and much of the crew spend time alone watching dvds in their rack or away with a weekend visitor. As the cook I feel like morale is very much in my hands. Mealtimes are the only time of the day when the crew is together. A few of them have opted out of regular mealtimes even. This is more like a regular job. Anyway, I'm a pretty social person, and luckily there's a few people on board that satisfy this need. Great shipmates, in fact. It's just hard to see some of the crew sitting on a bench for 10 minutes or more with the thousand mile stare. One of the issues is that some are here because they have few options, rather than here for the fun of it. You know the economy is bad when people are choosing to make less than $900 per month or volunteer, just so they have a place to live and food to eat. I've always loved the Sterling Hayden quote about never going to sea unless you couldn't afford it, but I think it's directed at small boat sailors, not crewed boats where you make less than living wages.

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