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YMCA! Sara the Bosun and I joined tonight. It's warm and dry, there's a pool, showers and HOT TUB!! We worked out for over an hour in unexpectedly matching outfits that made us look like dorks. Hooray for finding a way to get over winter maintenance doldrums. I think we will go every night!!! We're setting up a three day rotation for legs, abs/lower back, and upper body, every night starting with swimming and ending with stretching and sweet sweet group showers. Haha.

When are black bean burgers no longer veggie, or healthy? When your name is Kim and your cooking mostly for carnivores, and you fry them up in bacon fat then add cheese and bacon and bbq sauce. Tasty.

Well I'm so out of the more interesting loop as far as boat repair here. I just cook all day. Everyone else works at the spar shop. Mostly worming, parceling, serving, splicing and siezing, from what I hear. Oh and sanding and painting. The engineer is here all day, but he's in the engine room. They're getting ready to drop the new one in on tuesday - think I already mentioned that. Today they had to get a crane to lift it and drain the fluids, since it may be at a 90 degree angle as it slips in the hatch. All new mounts have been welded and bolted on. The engineer said the mounts need to come off again - I'm assuming they're going to bed them with something at that point, as they lay flush on some frames.

Late wake up tomorrow. 

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