Les Bolton and Tim Chute - Making Progress

Tonight was the monthly board meeting for Gray's Harbor Historical Seaport Authority - the folks who make the big decisions regarding the brig Lady Washington, the Hawaiian Chieftain, and the spar shop in Aberdeen that runs the biggest lathe in Washington State. I like to see all sides of an operation, so I sat in. I have a hard time empathizing with promoters or naysayers of "the organization" or management without personally observing nor understanding what's going on on the other side of the fence.

After helping the new accountant organize for an upcoming audit at the office, I began to understand Les Bolton, the Executive Director, much better. That man deserves a lot of respect, for many things. One of the things I admire most about Les is his passion for this area - whether it be about promoting community and work ethic in the local youth or rebuilding a sense of culture amongst the residents. Les is at the mercy of a board that keeps what others think are his lofty goals in check. This is both good and bad - but it's hard to tell, because maybe, left unchecked, his projects would be expedited and a huge success. Then again, the board is here to protect donations and income that keep the whole place operational and from being used in what could be perceived as risky or unnecessary ways. So far, I'm on Les's side, but that's because I see someone who has similar goals of facilitating community on a large scale and more importantly, he has already accomplished this with his other projects.

Anyway, a great thing has happened for this board - they've acquired a new member and made him Treasurer, and he immediately came across as a progressive and competent professional. I believe his name is Tim Chute, and I think there will be benefits on all levels of GHHSA as he continues his involvement. Good job on getting him on board!

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