Lovely Deborah Bach came out to interview me last week (look for her in the 2011 calendar!) for her online magazine, Three Sheets Northwest. The article appeared early this week, and got a mention in the Seattle Times! Woohoo!

With this great publicity, I've been hearing from some really lovely and very accomplished female mariners wanting to be in it next year. It get's better and better every year. A "Men of Maritime" calendar may be in the works as well.

What I'd much rather be doing is short stints on various boats, interviewing crew, taking photos, and telling the stories here or in the hardcopy of Jack Tar. It wouldn't be a financially rich life, but if I can sell enough calendars, I might be able to support this goal.

In other news - I've posted a GREAT LINK on the right to J.M.'s blog Deep Water Writing. Check him out!

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