boat work

I find myself coming out of my seasonal & economic torpor. There has definitely been less work for the last 12 months than there was for the first 12, it turns out to have been a rough time to start a new business. I have found myself relying on plan B, and by that I mean going to sea in the name of SCIENCE!
Folks are starting to want work done on their boats. A customer needs a new bow & stern pulpit along with starboard stanchions, and new stanchion bases. Another customer needs a staysail converted form roller snarling to hank on, and a row of reef points added while I'm at it. Then there's the guy who need the radar/chart plotter install and another guy who wants a restoration done on a 1960s dashboard for a Chris Craft runabout. On the side I am repairing/restoring a O'day 16. It needs new sails, paint inside and out, a new transom (the glue is curing right now), and general beautifying. Pendragon is call for attention as well. With house work, customer work, and still going to sea she's taken a back seat, something that makes me happy with my decision 10 years ago to buy a glass boat.

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  1. what a beautiful day with an 8:00 am mast step, by the yime the stick stood the fog was 30 feet off the water. somehow the ghostlike mist that evaerates into sunshine warms my soul and makes me want to sail.