Engine Room Volunteering Opportunity:

Joe V. Peterson:

Presently, since 2007, OIC c1944 xUSN 202, xUSCGC WMEC 202 COMANCHE, 143' ocean-going tug, the last of her class and one of the largest tug in the Puget Sound. Still crusin with original WW-II vintage equipment. Volunteers welcome, no experience needed! Check out Tug Comanche on FaceBook

Length: 143 feetBeam: 33 feet, 10 inchesDisplacement: 860 tonsDraft: 13 feet, two inchesSpeed: 13 knotsPropulsion: 2 - Cleveland V12-228A diesel-electric engines, 4-blade single screw.Complement: 7 officers, 42 enlistedArmament: one 3"/50 gun, two twin 40mm guns
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Jack Tar Magazine
Jack Tar Magazine 
Hey Joe can people volunteer in the engine department?
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Tug Comanche
Tug Comanche 
Absolutely.... fantastic engine room... it's big, just over two decks deep, with great vintage equipment and a work bench area, too. And when we are underway we need folks to stand engine room watch. See pictures of the engine room in our album. They are some of the oldest operating Cleveland V-12 278A's still going. Our engineering staff are experts, some having served in that very same engine room in the Coast Guard or on Modoc, plus Mr. Tom Payne, an authority on old engines, including steam (but we don't have steam.) And we have over 13,000 spare parts, some of it still in packages from WW-II as well as hundreds of blue-prints and manuals.

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