boat tinkering

I've been neglecting my boat for a few years now. The house has had priority, but I finally find myself with not enough time to do big house projects, and most of the small ones are done so back to the boat work. I have almost every evening from 6 to 8 to work on whatever assuming I don't have an exam to prep for (I have swallowed the anchor so to speak). Its taken me nearly 2 weeks off and on to get the shop in shape for new projects. I plan on starting with the gaff and boom off of Pendragon, and then maybe I'll finally make the lazerette hatch.

What ever I do it has to be on the cheap. I am in school full time. We have a new baby. I see lots of material coming out of the family wood stash, and form the recycled materials store down the way. Believe it or not I got tired of travelling for work 15 years was enough. I want to sail for the fun of it. I don't want to set food on another commercial ship for a very long time. I could see myself back on tallships as a volunteer, but that scene has lost most of its appeal for now. I still need to scratch the itch of teaching people about the water, so I help the guy down the alley learn to sail and to build his first boat.

The goal is to have Pendragon in rough but day sailable shape by June, and then next spring I think I will re-power the boat (I am going to deep 6 the diesel and go electric), and clean her up so she looks all pretty again.

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  1. Hi - just stumbled onto your site. Thought you would want to know that in your heading section of the site, "it's roots" should be spelled as "its roots" (no apostrophe). Cheers.